• Ask The Experts

    Do you have an issue at your health club and are stumped as to what to do? Take advantage of our FREE Ask the Experts service and get an answer fast! July 2010 Question “Throughout most of 2009, we weren’t replacing employees who left our club. Now that business seems […]

  • International Clients

    International and multi-national companies rely on the expertise of Atwood Consulting for proven fitness club advising. We have 25 years of experience in the fitness industry and know how to save you from the pitfalls and provide you with the very best strategies that result in profit and success. We work […]

  • Public Speaking

    Atwood Consulting takes part in a variety of public speaking seminars across North America on topics focused on team work, problem solving, leadership and sales. Bobby Verdun, Senior Partner of our firm, delivers inspirational and influential speeches. His exhilarating speeches will drive a business’ team to greatness. We offer this […]

  • Golf Club Fitness Centers

    Developing Your Golf Club Fitness Center Atwood Consulting Group has been designated as the fitness center “go to” resource for the 2017 PGA Trade Show and this will be followed up with a year of developing and expanding golf club fitness centers around the country. The evolution of excellent fitness […]

  • Corporate Fitness

    Corporate Fitness Is your corporate fitness program nothing more than a discounted membership program? Are your fitness programs attracting those employees whose health care costs are negatively impacting a company’s bottom line?  Do the business leaders in your community view your Club as an important wellness resource in the community?  […]

  • General Consulting Services

    Atwood Consulting Group provides consulting services to health clubs and fitness centers that range from small studios to 100,000+ square foot multipurpose facilities.  Although most of our work is in the US and Canada; we work with clients around the world and translate our financial work into various national currencies. […]

  • Internet Marketing and Website Design

    The internet is the dominant force in fitness club marketing.However, most clubs are missing the full opportunity to bring in new members and engage current members via the internet. Atwood Consulting is able to transform the way club businesses utilize their websites, and can help you implement internet strategies that […]

  • Feasibility Studies

    FEASBILITY STUDIES Feasibility studies provide an analysis of the viability of a business idea and help answer the essential question, “should we proceed with the proposed project idea?”  A feasible business venture is one in which the business will generate adequate cash-flow and profits, withstand risks, remain viable and sustainable […]

  • Financial Planning and Financing

    FINANCIAL PLANNING AND FINANCING We develop comprehensive and professional financial plans along with solid projections, a key factor in securing financing and planning and managing your business. A powerful tool that we developed years ago, the IHRSA Financial Management Tool (FMT), provides customized, interconnected spreadsheet capabilities that enable the construction […]

  • Startups and Development Services

    Our New Health Club Services Include: Business Plan Development Feasibility Studies Financial Modeling & Financing Health Club Design Operational Planning and Support Go-to-Market Strategies and Plans An Inspired Industry Many entrepreneurs venture into the fitness and wellness industry because they are passionate about health and fitness themselves and want to […]

  • IHRSA Financial Management Tool (FMT)

      IHRSA Financial Management Tool (FMT) The FMT is a powerful planning and management tool we developed in partnership with IHRSA and is designed for either fitness clubs with existing internal financial expertise and resources or entrepreneurs developing a new health and fitness business. The FMT gives your fitness club […]

  • HR Services

    Having good talent management policies and practices designed to identify, recruit, hire and retain highly qualified employees who are passionate about your mission is essential to any business that wants to be successful and maximize business performance. We provide clubs, large and small, with a wide variety of human resource […]

  • Expert Witness and Consulting Services

    Our consultants have decades of fitness industry expertise, experience and knowledge. We have been fitness club owners, operators, managers and consultants and have spoken at local and national industry conventions.  Our expertise includes but is not limited to fitness club programming, human resource practices, standard operating procedures and facility operations.  […]