General Consulting Services

Atwood Consulting Group provides consulting services to health clubs and fitness centers that range from small studios to 100,000+ square foot multipurpose facilities.  Although most of our work is in the US and Canada; we work with clients around the world and translate our financial work into various national currencies.

Our consultants support owners and managers in addressing planning and operational issues and provide clients with the outside perspective and  expertise they need to get results and succeed.  With our decades of business and fitness industry experience, we’ll help you:

  • Improve member retention, sales systems and marketing tactics, financial planning and analysis capabilities, and goal setting and reporting strategies;
  • Enhance fitness program offerings and grow profit center revenues;
  • Expand facilities and open new sites;
  • Evaluate staffing needs, recruit top-notch talent and transform team performance.

Working in collaboration with club management, we identify the specific scope required to provide the appropriate services and then determine which experts on our team are the best fit for the client.

Strategic Planning

Sometimes the day-to-day pressures such as making sure the Pilates class has an instructor or the laundry has detergent….well, you know the drill…provide no time to consider where your club is now and where you’d like to be. Working seamlessly with you, the TAG team helps make sure you consider the future of your club and how you can best achieve your business goals.

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Profit Analysis & Planning

Too often health clubs simply don’t have the time, experience or tools to truly think about the bottom line. Is the club profitable and, if not, what can be done to turn things around? The TAG team has the time, experience and tools to help you make sure you operate a profitable successful business.

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Sales & Marketing

There have been health club marketing consultants since the beginning, but upon closer inspection, much of what is being offered focuses on short-term direct marketing packages.  Our team of experts will help you identify what your competitive position should be and how you can most effectively exploit that advantage among a variety of cost-effective, measurable marketing tools.  We’ll also make sure your membership and personal training teams have the skills and tools they need to identify customer needs and close sales.

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Leading Change and Organizational Transformation

Does everyone on your team share the same vision, mission and core values?  Do you all work together to reach goals, deliver the best service possible, and get the financial results desired?  Do you want to transform your business and make it more effective?  Our consultants know how to do just that!  We get people at all levels to work together around a shared vision, resulting in a work environment focused on inspiration, accountability, consistency and the accomplishment of shared goals. 

Operational Efficiencies

Traditionally, independent health club operators have a good handle of their day-to-day operations.  However, we have found that a periodic external review of a club’s operations offers a fresh perspective on operating and staffing adjustments that will contribute to greater efficiencies translating to an improved bottom line. The TAG team has years of hands-on operational and management experience and can very quickly identify often simple changes that can immediately positively impact your club’s operation.

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