Club Network

Club Network

The Atwood Club Network was formed to provide independent health clubs the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by negotiating with the same power as the large chains.  The Club Network helps clubs reduce expenses not just by securing better prices; but also by playing a supporting role in improving the overall expense management systems of independent health clubs, gyms, and fitness centers.

Atwood Consulting Group maintains relationships with numerous of companies to offer network clients real savings on expense items like fitness equipment, marketing, payroll services as well as financial and membership software programs.  We are also effective in substantially reducing utility expenses and in deregulated states we can help negotiate utility pricing.

TAG provides direct operational cost savings in two ways:

Negotiated savings: Negotiated savings are recommendations for vendors that TAG directly negotiated with and arrived at an excellent price/value.  Examples below:

  • Direct Mail
  • Merchant Fees
  • Payroll processing
  • Equipment purchase
  • Renovations (minor and major)

Recommended Savings: Recommended savings are recommendations for vendors that TAG did not directly negotiate with but researched to find the best price/value vendor. Examples below:

  • Property Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Office supplies
  • Maintenance supplies
  • Computers and Technology

TAG cannot guarantee that vendors for either negotiated or recommended savings will always be the best value/price available, although this is the goal.  Occasionally local or national vendors may offer an unusually good deal that will supersede a TAG recommendation.  However, TAG’s due diligence, periodic vendor re-negotiations, and volume buying power will guarantee overall clubs savings.

The TAG processes for helping TAG Network Clients reduce their expenses:

  1. 30 minute introductory call with each new client.  During this call the client is asked a range of questions including:
    a. What expenses the client would like to focus on and receive help to reduce?
    b. What expenses are you currently getting excellent pricing and value on?
    c. What do you think are your biggest strengths and weaknesses regarding
    expense management?
    The purpose of this introductory call is to understand the needs of the client and begin the process of offering support that will help the client’s business.  Also, as clients share specific successes regarding vendors price/value this information (with permission) will be made available to the TAG Network.
  2. New clients are asked if they wish to provide financials for review. All financial information is confidential.  TAG will review financial information for each client and provide initial feedback (This is not a complete financial review and evaluation of the business).
  3. Each month TAG focuses on three expenses to attack through research and negotiation and clients are asked to put these expenses in order of immediate importance.   The reason for just three choices is to allow TAG the most leverage with the sellers based on the volume of participation.  When TAG brings the power of the network to bear on a just a few vendors at a time, the leverage of the combined buying power of the network forces vendors to quote their best prices.   TAG will focus on these expenses for the month, negotiate whenever possible, and provide clear guidance on the best channel to purchase this item or service.  Please note that some vendors will not negotiate in which case TAG will still identify and recommend the best vendor(s) for the item.
  4. Each month after three new expense items have been aggressively researched all clubs in the network will receive recommendations including emails and a conference call to pin down details on each expense reduction opportunity and to verify which clubs will choose to use a recommended vendor.
  5. Final negotiation with vendors will on occasion happen after the “end of month” TAG Network conference call, because as stated in point # 5 this call will verify who is “in” on a buy which may affect the final price from the vendor.
  6. TAG Network Clients will be encouraged to share information on their best vendors who deliver best prices/values.  This information will be compiled to share with every club in the TAG network.
  7. In addition to finding best price/value vendors TAG also brings each vendor through a vetting process which includes checking vendor references (ideally not chosen by the vendor) and due diligence to confirm the reliability and integrity of each vendor.

TAG Network Clients also have access to a team of industry experts and peer clubs to gain information, guidance, direction and insights regarding expense management.

Networking and gaining insights from other members

  • Member forums:  ideas and solutions shared
  • Scheduled conference calls
  • Website forum

General Management with an emphasis on financial management; plus operational efficiencies, and sales and marketing.

  • Member introduction call
  • Teleconferences
  • Webinars
  • Members Only Website Area
    • Ask the Experts
    • Members only Blog
    • Members only Advisories


  • Monthly, expense management advisory report.  A short readable report including new vendor recommendations and general expense management advice.
  • Quarterly, compiled financial numbers and other key metrics from network clubs to compare to your club’s performance.   This will only be available to clubs that submit their numbers and all information is strictly confidential.

Full Consulting Projects and Support

  • TAG Network Clients receive reduced consulting fees should there be a need to engage TAG in a one-on-one consulting contract.

The TAG Club Network is a free service and only special group consulting programs and conference calls will have any additional charges.

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