We have more than 25 years of fitness industry experience owning, managing and fixing fitness and multipurpose clubs ranging in size from small independent studios to large fitness and recreational facilities. We’ve seen it all! This enables us to help you avoid the pitfalls and open, manage and grow a profitable club or studio.

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Starting a New Club
We help...
Entrepreneurs develop and launch new clubs
Improving an Established Club
We help...
Current fitness club owners and operators take their club to the next level, fix problems and increase their club’s profitability
Acquiring financing for a new or currently operating club
We help...
We help evaluate financing options, connect with banks, coordinate investor relations, and can provide the backup investors banks may require


John Atwood
John Atwood

John Atwood, Founder and Managing Partner of The Atwood Group

I founded Atwood Consulting because I love the fitness industry and enjoy working with passionate entrepreneurs, and business owners and managers who are excited about health and fitness. I’ve worked in the industry for more than 25 years as a senior manager and owner of a club that received national media coverage for it’s innovative model that was featured in Boston Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and AARP Magazine.

Our consulting team is comprised of exceptional professionals who combined have over a century of industry experience, and like me, are passionate about helping others succeed in bringing fitness to the masses and making career dreams come true.

Enough about us…let’s talk about you.

Do you want to start or grow a fitness related business and have no idea where to begin or simply need new, fresh ideas? Good news! You’ve come to the right place.

Developing and opening a new club?

If you are starting out and want to open a new club, we will help you determine if the location is feasible, develop a business plan around your goals, work with you to design and equip your facility, hire and train staff, create programming, and develop winning marketing and sales strategies that will build your membership base and service revenues from day one.

Have a club and want to improve operations or grow and increase profitability?

Whether your club is struggling or profitable, we’ll dive into the business to learn what is and is not working and help you grow memberships, reduce operating costs, expand profit centers and implement strategies that will improve the club’s financial success.

Looking to acquire funding for a new club or to expand a currently operating club or refinance debt? 

We can help evaluate financing options, introduce you to and coordinate with banks we work with, coordinate private investor relations, and provide the back-up materials you’ll need to acquire a loan or equity financing.

Want to add fitness to your current business or renovate a fitness facility?

If you operate a golf course, residential complex, university or any other entity that doesn’t have fitness at its core and want to add fitness to what you are currently doing, we’ll guide and support you every step of the way.  We have designers and equipment experts on our team who have built and remodeled hundreds of fitness facilities of all shapes and sizes and know how to create fitness spaces that fit your vision as well as your budget.

Why pick us?

It’s simple….

Our team is comprised of consultants who are proven stars and have decades of fitness and business related experience under their belts.

We believe in collaboration. We’ll work in partnership with you to identify priority areas of focus and provide the legwork, guidance and support you’ll need to explore options and make decisions about what’s best for your business.  Our approach is thoughtful, rigorous and creative; it’s based on a strong record of success and adapted to meet your individual needs and the particulars of your engagement.

Have a problem that needs solving or interested in learning more?

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Pretty easy, right?

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Our Client Testimonials

  • John Atwood and his team provided invaluable experience and perspective from start-up to full operations. They were fully engaged with us for months before we opened and continued to provide guidance and support throughout our first year of operations. They are true experts and professionals.

    Sean Todman Owner, The Renaissance Club
  • We hired Atwood Consulting to help us enhance our work culture. Beth Wald immediately built trust with our management team of over 25 people and led us through the process of developing new vision and mission statements. She helped us launch and implement this throughout the company of 300 staff working in four locations around Greater Boston. She is a pleasure to work with and made a real difference in our business.

    Mark Harrington Jr. President, The Healthworks Group
  • We worked with Atwood Consulting Group on an assessment of the opportunity of buying a $70 Million fitness chain in the Middle East. This was a complicated project. Their analytic ability and industry expertise helped us understand the market and the company’s potential. The Atwood group was a pleasure to work with, highly professional, and is a team of talented business minds.

    Nayim Khemais VP, Private Equity-NBK Capital
  • From hiring and recruiting, to startup operations, to initial sales and marketing strategy and execution, and beyond, Tara and Beth were a critical part of the team prior to opening. Their hard work helped us to get off on the right foot and get voted Best Fitness Club in Boston by Boston Magazine only six months after we opened. We would not be where we are without them. Beth and Tara were tireless, great to work with, very smart, and--most importantly--they cared about our success!

    Bill Najam Partner and GM, Lynx Fitness and Golf Club
  • We were at a point in our gym business where some tough strategic decisions had to be made, in a relatively short period of time. Beth not only analyzed the company’s finances and operations, but also worked closely with members of staff and spoke directly to clients, in order to gain a personal feel and understanding of the gym. We were able to identify our strengths, streamline our business, and redirect strategy accordingly. It has been a privilege to work with Beth and her team; reaching out to Atwood Consulting was the best decision!

    Yasmine Al-Sabah Owner of Pilates and More


We’ll help create your plan to make your fitness center profitable, utilizing our years of industry experience to prepare and execute a successful launch.

Business Plan Development

Attract investors, get a loan, and simply have a plan for yourself

Feasibility Studies

Analyze demographics, market potential, and competition in order to understand the viability of your business idea

Financial Modeling

Use industry benchmark data to accurately model your club’s profits/losses and understand recurring costs, total investment, and projected ROI

Club Design & Build-Out

Work with top health club and fitness facility developers to design a beautiful and profitable space

Operational Planning & Support

Hire talented people and learn how to run an efficient organization

Pre-Launch Marketing

Create an online presence that differentiates your club and generates leads

Learn how we can make your club opening a success

Established Fitness Clubs Looking to Increase Profitability

Take your club to the next level! We’ll help your fitness business reach its full potential by identifying opportunities and implementing strategies to grow memberships, reduce operating costs and expand profit centers.

Grow Your Business

Identify opportunities to improve operations and grow your bottom line

  • Add/eliminate services and classes
  • Adjust pricing
  • Strengthen the team
  • Analyze financial results

Increase New Memberships

Attract more members, improve referrals, and grow your business

  • Social media
  • Email list building
  • Paid advertising
  • Website Proven to generate leads

Improve Member Retention

Improve your staff’s ability to onboard new members, build a community and deliver exceptional customer service

Boost Program Revenue

Create strong revenue-generating programs that improve your bottom line

Produce Operational Efficiencies

Get a fresh perspective on operations and staffing and make adjustments that lead to greater efficiencies and improved customer service

Hire and Engage Top-Notch Talent

Attract and hire the right people and engage and retain top performers

Create Change and Organizational Transformation

Get people at all levels to work together around a shared vision, resulting in a work environment focused on inspiration, accountability, consistency and the accomplishment of shared goals.

Manage Your Club

Put your club in our hands and we’ll assess the club’s strengths and weaknesses, engage staff in making improvements, and help you recruit and hire your next leader.

Learn how we can help your club solve its challenges and grow

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Helped independent clubs generate revenues in excess of $150 Million

Sign up to talk to us for 30 minutes and get FREE advice!  Tell us your vision and what you need help with and we’ll give you some ideas. If you like them, we can discuss how we can help you moving forward.