Mentions in the Press

Wall Street Journal – How Gyms Offer Dirt-Cheap Memberships (7/22/16)

The Globe and Mail – Pay-per-use gym offers contract-free workouts (3/16/16)

Marketplace – SoulCycle pedaling hard toward IPO (7/31/15)

Houston Chronicle – Professor’s six words were guide to success in fitness (9/26/14)

New York Daily News – Discount gyms and workout studios are cropping up all over Queens (1/17/14)

The Florida Times-Union – Rise of the $10-a-month gym in the First Coast (5/6/12)

Los Angeles Times – LA Fitness pumps up with acquisition (12/10/11)

The Washington Post – Gyms Target Spread of Middle Age Spread (6/19/07)

NBC News – More seniors-only fitness centers popping up (6/19/07)

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