Golf Club Fitness Center

Developing Your Golf Club Fitness Center

Atwood Consulting Group has been designated as the fitness center “go to” resource for the 2017 PGA Trade Show and this will be followed up with a year of developing and expanding golf club fitness centers around the country.

The evolution of excellent fitness centers within golf clubs has arrived. Golf and country clubs are now making this commitment all over the country. The Country Club in Brookline, MA and Frenchman’s Creek in Palm Beach, Florida (which we designed) are just two examples of great clubs that have made a commitment to developing high quality fitness centers. This trend is happening everywhere because members are demanding a quality fitness experience and because clubs benefit in myriad ways when they make this commitment.

A fitness center that is well designed and programmed will:

  • Attract new members
  • Retain current members
  • Generate additional revenues from fitness
  • Increase weekly members visits to dine and socialize

Areas Atwood Consulting Group can help:

  • Concept
  • Right-sizing
  • Design (new and renovations/expansions)
  • Incorporating TPI training spaces
  • Pricing models
  • Marketing
  • Profit Centers
  • Management
  • Staffing
  • Pricing models
  • Marketing

Our process is interactive from the first step to the last. We pride ourselves on providing strong guidance while being good listeners. At the end of the process the client must have a fitness center that both satisfies the practical needs of the members, while also having the look and feel that fits your club.

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