Increase New Memberships

Increase New Memberships

If you are looking to increase new membership sales we have you covered. We’ll assess your sales systems and marketing initiatives that will help us understand what’s working and where your challenges lie. We don’t just make recommendations about what you need to do to make improvements. We work with your team to institute changes that will have a long lasting impact on your business.

Here are specifics about what we do to help clubs improve sales and marketing performance and grow their membership.

Improve Sales Performance

  • We train existing staff to be more effective sales people by teaching them the fundamentals of the sales process, i.e. developing leads, following up on prospects, assessing prospect needs, overcoming objections, presenting program and price options, and closing the sale.
  • We help you develop goals and a system for holding staff accountable for realizing those goals.
  • We create incentive based compensation plans that drive motivation to follow-up and close sales.
  • We teach staff how to utilize club software to drive membership sales through sales and prospect tracking and reporting. If the current club management software is not adequate, we might recommend purchasing an additional software system that can help drive sales and retain members.

Improve Marketing Performance

We develop and implement marketing plans that maximize prospect generation and sales through traditional and internet marketing strategies. Areas of potential focus include:

  • Developing a comprehensive promotional calendar
  • Creating a multi-channel approach that includes traditional campaigns, digital and social media marketing, and email campaigns geared toward new prospects, current members and alumni members
  • Crafting a strong referral program
  • Improving your website so that it is well optimized, drives new prospects into the club, and provides a tool for improving customer service and member retention

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