Getting the design of your club right is critical to success over the long term. A practical, well thought-out design saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the future. A terrific club design makes a statement that attracts new members, retains current members, and influences the quality of people who want to work for you.

We provide design support by:

  • Working with your team and architect or our expert architects to clarify your vision of the club’s look and feel;
  • Evaluating fitness equipment choices and creating layout plans based on the services you will provide and the target membership you are trying to reach;
  • Establishing square feet allocations for each part of your club;
  • Preparing architectural drawings and blue prints.

We partner with an architectural design firm that is one of the world’s leading firms in the fitness and recreation industry. They have created over $650 million dollars worth of health, fitness and recreational facilities for a wide range of commercial, country club, resort, hotel, corporate and condominium clients in 45 states and 25 countries. The company founder has been designing clubs for more than 30 years, has owned and operated fitness facilities, and has worked in them as a manager and fitness professional.  Therefore, the firm has an extensive understanding of how fitness facilities should be designed, how they work day-to-day, how to get the best use of functional space, and how to create a beautifully inspirational facility working with any type of budget.

Here’s an example of our designer’s work at the Frenchman’s Creek Country Club – Palm Beach, FL.

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