Acquire Financing

The fitness and sports club industry has seen consistent growth for decades, yet it still can be challenging to acquire financing. We can help and serve as a valuable resource to our clients.

We offer a variety of services to entrepreneurs looking for funding to buy or build a club and current club operators seeking funding to expand or refinance.

We start by understanding your needs and assessing the services that will most likely help you reach your goal.

Acquire Financing Services

  • Evaluate financing options and help secure the best possible financing solution.
  • Provide guidance on strategies to engage banks and introduce you to banks that work with our firm and lend in this industry.
  • Support the development and coordination of private investor relationships.
  • Conduct market studies and develop 10-year financial proformas and detailed business plans investors and banks may require.
  • Work with sellers and landlords to facilitate deals.

The Atwood group does not bring private investors to the table but does facilitate the relationship between the club developer/buyer, private investors, and banks so each party can feel comfortable and get the deal done.

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