Acquisitions and Sales of Health Clubs and Athletic Facilities

Atwood Consulting Group supports buyers and sellers in the Fitness/Athletic Club industry. We can establish a value for a business, work to identify appropriate buyers and sellers, and help negotiate price and terms of the deal.

We are not business brokers, but rather we advise on acquisition opportunities and exits in the fitness industry and can support either side of the transaction.

We have the resources on our team of fitness industry experts, and our business team of MBA’s and data experts, to ensure this process is professionally done and gets answers our clients need.

Our Process Includes:

1. Research

  • Market area demographics
  • Consumer profiles
  • Competition
  • Trends as relate to specific club models/business types
  • Acquisition opportunities on the market and not yet on the market

2. Organizational Assessment (as needed)

  • Quality of current ownership and management
  • Quality of current staff
  • Systems review
  • Marketing review
  • Programming review
  • Pricing review
  • Use of Technology

3. Business Valuation

  • Determination of the value of the business by utilizing one or more valuation methods that pin down a fair multiple of earnings
  • Verification of all financial and membership data
  • Evaluation of market factors including competition

4. Getting the deal done

  • Consideration of intangibles that may make a deal better or worse
  • Negotiation of purchase terms
  • Review of transaction documents
  • Facilitate closing the deal

5. Supporting new ownership transition over the first three months after takeover to ensure efficiencies as needed.

Atwood Consulting Group has relationships with bankers who focus on the fitness industry and we have a strong track record of bankers lending to our clients. That said, the deal must be right on both sides for both the debt and equity funding.

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