Move Your Business to the Next Level

We’ve worked in the fitness industry for decades. We ask insightful questions. We devise effective solutions. We help owners and operators increase revenues, control expenses, create positive work environments and improve overall results.

Grow Your Business

What? You want to expand your club’s footprint and grow your membership and overall revenues.

How? We’ll work with you and your architect or our expert architects to clarify your vision and develop plans for increasing or renovating your club. Then we’ll help you develop the programming, marketing and sales strategies that will make the expansion a success.

Increase New Memberships

What? Your marketing and sales strategies aren’t leading to selling as many memberships as you hoped.

How? We’ll analyze your marketing tactics and create a marketing plan that includes a multi-prong approach to getting prospective members in your door through such vehicles as optimization of your online presence, online and traditional advertising, email marketing, grassroots outreach, and member referral programs.  At the same time, we’ll review your sales systems and techniques, implement proven sales strategies and train the team on how to follow up, gain an understanding of prospective members’ needs, give effective tours, overcome objections and close the sale.

Improve Member Retention

What? You’re losing more members each month than your adding or you’re simply not holding onto as many members as you planned.

How? We’ll help you and your team focus on the key strategies that improve member retention such as providing top-notch service and a well maintained facility, communicating and interacting regularly with members, dealing effectively with customer complaints, asking for and following up on member feedback, integrating new members effectively, identifying and reaching out to high-risk members, and enhancing programming.

Boost Services Revenue

What? You want to increase the revenue you bring in from your club’s ancillary services such as personal training, aquatics, tennis and your spa.

How? We’ll review what you’re doing to determine what’s working and what isn’t. Once we understand your unique challenges, we’ll make sure you have established goals and reporting and accountability mechanisms that keep staff focused. We’ll train staff on how to sell services, make sure that you have a strong mix of services and that they are are priced appropriately and marketed effectively.

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Streamline Operations

What? You’re looking to improve day-to-day operations and build capacity so that you and your staff have more time to focus on customer service, goals and increasing revenue.

How? Our decades of operations experience and working as consultants examining how others manage the day-to-day, enable us to quickly identify opportunities and help your team make adjustments that contribute to creating greater efficiencies and translate to an improved bottom line.

Hire and Engage Top-Notch Talent

What? You have high turnover and many of your employees show up and seem happy, but they aren’t truly committed or invested in help the club be successful. You know this is having an impact on the workplace culture and your bottom line.

How? Recruiting the right people and creating an engaged culture is crucial to creating a positive work environment that is focused on growing your business and improving your financial results. We help our clients by evaluating the organizational culture, current staff and compensation structures, recruiting top talent, coaching managers, and providing on-boarding systems for new employees and ongoing training to all staff.

Create Organizational Transformation

What?  Everyone on your team doesn’t share the same vision, mission and core values or doesn’t work together to reach goals, deliver the best service possible, and/or get the financial results desired. You want to transform your business, improve accountability, make it more effective and increase revenues and profit.


Manage Your Club

What? Your General Manager recently left and you aren’t ready to hire another one until you’ve determined what improvements are needed and what skills and experience your next GM will need in order to take your business to the next level.

How? Having spent years as managers and leaders, we are well equipped to step in and manage your business for a period of time. While serving as your management company, we’ll assess the club’s strengths and weaknesses, engage staff in making improvements, and help you recruit and hire your next leader.

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