Corporate Fitness

Is your corporate fitness program nothing more than a discounted membership program? Are your fitness programs attracting those employees whose health care costs are negatively impacting a company’s bottom line?  Do the business leaders in your community view your Club as an important wellness resource in the community?  Atwood Consulting has a winning team of health club consultants who are able to help you maximize participation from local corporations without giving discounts.

We are able to help you develop a winning strategy to ensure that your fitness programs become an integral part of the corporate community that you serve.

Highlights of our capabilities are:

  • Corporate Marketing Plan: Develop specific marketing plans for each company that allows you to motivate even the most sedentary and skeptical employee.
  • Corporate Pricing:  Provide recommendations for pricing corporate memberships without offering discounts. Learn how to use capitation formulas to maximize your profitability.
  • Corporate Account Management:  Learn how to manage each corporate account to ensure that your programs become a permanent part of a company’s culture.
  • ROI Reports:  Learn how to develop meaningful reports that your corporate clients can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your programs and services.

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