Easy Design Ideas to Improve Your Health Club

 In Design

The design and feel of your health club has a huge impact on prospects’ and members’ perception of your business. It can often make the difference between whether someone joins your club or the competition. First impressions are everything!

While a drastic overhaul of your facility is sometimes necessary, there are a few cheaper and quicker options that can have a positive impact. Especially if you have an older gym, the following ideas for cosmetic and functional changes can help bring it back to life and create a more welcoming environment.

Fresh Paint

Likely the most effective and inexpensive way to make a noticeable change is with freshly painted walls. Even simply adding a splash of color to accent a wall can make a club more vibrant.


Wall sconces, hanging drum lights, pendant lighting, and accents lights like track lighting are typically not too expensive, but often bring a positive change to dimly lit areas.

If you don’t have much natural light, revamping your lighting setup can work wonders.


Fitness graphics on walls and in group exercise rooms were a common look for years, but they might be outdated or intimating to your members. If this is this case, consider upgrading them to pictures that show the results people want from training. People biking, running in the woods, doing yoga on the beach, hiking, and wind surfing are all ways to “sell the dream” of fitness to people.

New Furniture

Your lobby and any area where members sit like a sales office or café should be comfortable and have places for people to sit and relax.

You can also add simple seating like an ottoman outside the group exercise area for people waiting for their class.

Final Thoughts

Small changes like a little paint or some new light fixtures, furnishings, or wall graphics can make a world of difference to the member, prospect, and staff experience.

As you think about how to give new life to your health club, start by determining which physical plant improvements will have the most positive impact on how people feel in your space. Cosmetic changes can be done fairly inexpensively and can result in improved new member acquisition, member retention, and overall revenue.