Atwood Consulting takes part in a variety of public speaking seminars across North America on topics focused on team work, problem solving, leadership and sales. Bobby Verdun, Senior Partner of our firm, delivers inspirational and influential speeches. His exhilarating speeches will drive a business’ team to greatness. We offer this service in variety of formats and locations such as:

  • Small. medium & large groups
  • Universities
  • Heath & fitness clubs

Professional Round Table Meet Ups

We are launching round table meet ups for health club owners and managers across North America. We create an environment where you’re only surrounded by the smartest and most experienced professionals. The aim of these meet ups is to give club owners and managers an opportunity to share information, personal business experiences and solve problems. At the moment we are looking to meet up 4 times a year. We have yet determined prices and dates; but we guarantee affordable fees and getting you the best value for your money.

The Apollo 13 Exercise

We use the movie Apollo 13 as a backdrop and focus on providing insight about managing people in stressful situations developing new techniques that will help teams become better at what they do. The 1995 film starring Tom Hanks told the story of Apollo 13 in compelling detail and the teamwork shone through, making it a great film and very popular in a team building context.  The program has been provided  to groups as small as 30 and as large as 300.  It has and can be adapted to focus on points of emphasis leaders want to highlight.  Here are some of the key areas of focus:

  • Leadership styles and their impact on goals, results and teams;
  • Team dynamics;
  • Settling differences;
  • Taking ownership;
  • Overcoming obstacles;
  • Finding that extra gear;
  • Problem solving;
  • Conflict/resolution;
  • Flexibility.


As opposed to someone speaking for 2 hours on these subjects, the movie brings forth examples of situations that the group discusses and then relates back to specific examples that have occurred within their teams.  We take the group and begin by dividing it into smaller groups (of 5-10 people).  After each scene the group is encouraged to talk about the scene and bring forth key points of emphasis they recognized in the scene. The smaller groups are then asked to present their thoughts and also identify situations they have faced and how they can use techniques shown in the movie and from peer feedback to improve.  We end each segment by insig

Additional Information:

The Apollo 13 program is a  2.5 hour program; however many participants have gone with our full day package that includes the following:

  • Break-out group segments on specific topics
  • Goal setting programs with game plans and assigning ownership to responsibilities
  • A motivating 1.5 hour program using the documentary Shackelton’s Adventure (the same program the Patriots used prior to winning their first Super Bowl) to address ways to enhance performance.


Full Day:

9am-10 am          Meet with leaders and establish goals and topics of emphasis

10:15- 12:00        Apollo 13 presentation

12:00-1:30           Break

1:30- 3:00             Break into energetic small group segments with specific teams to set forth goals and responsibilities towards those goals.

3:00-3:30             Break

3:30-5:00             Shackleton presentation

Other movies we’ve adapted:

Other movies we’ve adapted include: Good Will Hunting, Wall Street, Big, Primal Fear and The Blind Side. Topics associated with these films include ethics, gaining perspective, overcoming inner demons and the importance of attending to detail.

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