IHRSA Financial Management Tool (FMT)

The FMT is a powerful planning and management tool we developed in partnership with IHRSA and is designed for either fitness clubs with existing internal financial expertise and resources or entrepreneurs developing a new health and fitness business.

The FMT gives your fitness club the professional edge.

  • Allows your business to operate like a big business regardless of your current size.
  • Ensures all important financial and business planning questions are answered as you embark on a new venture or want to grow your current health club business.
  • Compares your numbers to key fitness industry benchmarks and ratios.

The FMT makes day-to-day business easy.

  • Provides a simple color coded system to help you plan and manage your business.
  • Provides detailed information regarding staffing by analyzing how increasing and decreasing staff affects revenues and the bottom line.
  • Builds in projections on personal training revenue in the payroll worksheet.
  • Projects employee benefit costs automatically as part of the full-time payroll projection.

The FMT provides a quick way to be on top of your business.

  • Graphs gym memberships, revenues, expenses, and net profits automatically.
  • Helps you analyze profit centers, looking at them as a business within a business, by clarifying the expenses, revenue potential, and the expected margins.
  • Gives you a cash flow statement that is fully linked to the other projection worksheet and allows you to see how a change in any of your numbers will affect your cash position.
  • Sets up a direct link to membership growth for specific revenues and expenses.

The FMT helps you make the right decisions and get the best financing

  • Gives you solid answers regarding the feasibility of starting a fitness/sports club or developing a new profit center.
  • Makes an impressive presentation and provides financiers and buyers with the information they need to decide to invest or buy your health club business.

The FMT includes:

  • Financial Summary
  • Projected Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Benchmarks and Ratios
  • Payroll
  • ¬†Monthly and Year-to-Date Projected to Actual Comparisons
  • Net Operating Loss Carry Over
  • Graphs of Annual Key Numbers
  • Capital Lease
  • Membership Price Averages
  • Fitness and Office Equipment Costs
  • Start-up Costs
  • Debt and Equity Statement
  • Deferred Revenue

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