International and multi-national companies rely on the expertise of Atwood Consulting for proven fitness club advising. We have 25 years of experience in the fitness industry and know how to save you from the pitfalls and provide you with the very best strategies that result in profit and success. We work with people and organizations all over the world. Our recent international projects included running financial projections, writing business plans, opening new facilities, improving operations, assisting with expansions, implementing sales systems, and coaching senior level managers and executives.

We have extensive experience with start-up fitness facilities. The earlier you integrate Atwood consulting the better you are positioned for functionality, expansion and profitability in the future.

We also work with existing clubs to improve operations, marketing and overall profits.  All services detailed on the Atwood website are available to our clients worldwide.

Our expert team brings together a wealth of knowledge and affiliations, degrees, accomplishments from Harvard University, Harvard University Medical School, MIT, University of Manchester England, Colombia University and many other top educational institutions worldwide. We have worked with resorts, hotels, hospitals, US Swimming and the Baltimore Orioles. Our architect’s firm is the winner of eight NOVA7 international awards and its $750 million USD portfolio consists of nearly 250 completed fitness projects that range in size from a 2,500 SF specialty health club up to several hundred thousand SF state-of-the-art recreation centers.

We are able to work remotely and can seamlessly connect with you using the best technology.  On-site consulting is always available and daily email contact is the norm.  Technology allows much work to be done effectively with use of remote tools including:

  • Skype and other video conferencing
  • Screen sharing platforms to review documents together in real time
  • Conference phone calls
  • Basecamp and related cloud based project management tools
  • Simple cloud based file sharing such as dropbox
  • Webinars and other training methods

We look forward to being of service to you and a valuable asset to your project.

We offer you a gift: an initial 30 minute consultation at no charge to offer assistance for your project.

Please contact us today. +1  508-654-6244

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