Want to add fitness to your current business or renovate a fitness facility?

Do you run a golf course, apartment complex, a university or any other entity that doesn’t have fitness at its core and want to add fitness to what you are currently doing?

We’ll guide and support you every step of the way.  We have designers and equipment experts on our team who have built and remodeled hundreds of fitness facilities of all shapes and sizes and know how to create fitness spaces that fit your vision as well as your budget.

Golf Clubs and Residential Facilities

What?  Your golf club or condo complex wants to add or renovate the current fitness facility. Members or residents want it, plus it will create a myriad of benefits including attracting new members/residents and retaining current members/residents.  For golf clubs, a fitness facility will also increase revenues and weekly member visits.

How? We’ll help you develop the concept, come up with a design for your new or renovated facility, choose equipment and programming, recruit and train staff, and market and sell your new services.

University Fitness Centers

What? Your current university fitness center is old, small and or not being fully utilized. You want to determine if you should build a new facility, renovate your current facility, or simply improve what you currently have.

How?  If you want to build a new facility or renovate your current one, we can help you develop the concept, come up with a design, choose the equipment and programming, recruit and train staff.  If you want help improving your current facility, we will assess what’s being offered, help you determine what should be offered and assess your day-to-day operations to make sure the center is running efficiently and cost-effectively.

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