How to Use Twitter to Stay Ahead of the Fitness Competition

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Business would be easy if we could tell the future. We’d know what the next fitness craze is going to be and the best way to reach potential clients. Unfortunately we don’t and neither do most health club owners.

But, just because we aren’t psychics it doesn’t mean we aren’t able to see the future. Well, at least an educated guess of what the future holds.
How do we do it? By staying on top of the industry. And, it is something we encourage all of our clients to do as well.

In today’s infocentric world it is fairly easy to stay on top of what is happening in the health and fitness club industry and, just as importantly, in your hometown. But, it does take some time and tricks to get started.

Social media is a key in this. When used correctly, Twitter is a great way to learn about some of the cutting edge happenings that impact your business. Used incorrectly, you may only find a whole lot of selfies and videos of cats doing some admitedly cute stuff.


So, how do you find the best information to help move your business forward? It all starts where everything does these days: a google search.

By utilizing the right keywords you can find out what companies and people are moving the fitness industry forward. But, don’t stick to the names you know alone. Find names that maybe you don’t know and see what they are doing, how many people are keeping an eye on them and start watching them too.

You can skip google and try your search directly on Twitter. See what is trending; try searching for hastags that match what you are interested in learning more about. Again, this may get you on the right direction to see what people are talking about that may help propel your business to the next level.

Of course not every search will yield quality results and not every trend will be tweeted, but utilizing technology and good old­ fashioned networking can help you stay a step ahead of the next big thing.

Twitter Tips

1. Utilize lists to keep your feeds categorized and easy to track

2. Make sure to follow your competitors to see what’s happening in your space

3. Follow local businesses, politicians and influencers to stay on top of issues that may impact your business

4. Don’t be afraid to interact. By getting involved in conversations about the industry you may just see a glimpse of the future

5. Almost every magazine and journal tweets stories they are working on and latest research findings making it easy to get a beat on what’s happening and what will happen.

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