How to Use YouTube Marketing to Make Your Fitness Club a Star

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They used to say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, online, it is worth way more than that. However, it still pales in comparison to the power of video, which is why if your health club is not taking advantage of YouTube as part of your marketing mix, you are missing out.

What health club marketers often forget is that YouTube is the second most popular search engine and is the most widely used social media platform. In fact, 73% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube more than Facebook (69% of American adults) and about twice as much as Instagram (37%).

YouTube says a study it commissioned a few years ago that shows that on mobile devices alone, the site reaches more 18–34 year-olds than any TV network.

While there are plenty of people using YouTube, you can be sure that there are plenty of fitness marketers as well. However, if you are entertaining or engaging your fitness facility will be able to stand out from the crowd and attract new members to your health club.

You may be tempted to just whip out your iPhone and do a quick video tour of the health club. While that may be an acceptable start, for long-term video marketing success for your gym, it takes a bit more than that.

But you’re a gym owner, not Ron Howard. Coming up with ideas is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks to producing videos. An easy way to  start—or even have a series that you can push out to your YouTube channel subscribers to keep them coming back is to have your expert staff answer questions about fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness – this is another good chance to show your staff and health club not only in action but in the best light.

And, you can truly show your club off in video the way you can’t with written words or even in photos. You can describe your health club a million ways, but video can truly help highlight the features of the gym. However, make sure your video goes a step beyond a tour of the facility. Show them what you got. Highlight the parts of your club that make you different from the competition. If you have a great juice bar, show happy people around it. Great cycling studio, put a class online. There are a million ways to provide content for your gym YouTube channel.

But, maybe you are Ron Howard. OK, maybe not. But you may be able to provide content that takes it up a notch beyond the competition.

Too often, fitness professionals are afraid to give away what they can get paid for. Have your staff demonstrate exercises on a regular basis. Post videos of a full routine being done by a personal trainer and a client (or another staff member if no customers are willing). Post member success stories in their own words. Stage some “gym fails” of the 10 things not to do at the gym. Get creative.  Be informative. Make your gym the one that pops into the mind of potential members. Stretch beyond a typical, boring video that seems like an infomercial (hey, make a “funformercial” parody of the typical get-fit-quick infomercials and products.)

Video marketing can help attract potential members to your gym or fitness service. Whenever your fitness facility’s marketing video is posted on YouTube – the concept, content, and audience must always be considered. As with any social media and SEO tactic, posting on a regular basis If done correctly and creatively, can result in your fitness business becoming the next YouTube sensation or at least, bring in potential members.